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Seniors discount

This Regulation lays down the rules for the organization and conduct of Vision Express, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice, number 175436176 (hereinafter “Organizer”), of the “Days of the Mature” promotional campaign.

I. Place and period

The promotional campaign will be held from 01.08.2022 to 31.08.2022 in the opticians of Vision Express in Bulgaria. The promotion is valid only until 15:00 on weekdays, Monday to Friday. The list of opticians is available at:

II. Rules, goods and services in promotion
1. Within the promotion, each client who certifies with an identity document that he has reached the age of 55, receives BGN 10 / in words BGN ten / discount on the purchase of a pair of glasses for vision correction (frame + 2 glasses).
2. As part of the promotional campaign, the eye examination for clients who have certified their 55th birthday is at a price of BGN 1 / in words: one BGN /. The eye examination is paid if the client refuses to buy glasses after the eye examination.

III. Combining the promotion with other discounts
The promotional campaign may not be combined and / or cumulated with other discounts, promotions or with partnership agreements signed by Vision Express, unless they stipulate otherwise.

IV. Mailing address.

1. All correspondence may be sent to Sofia, Al. Stamboliyski 30, VE BULGARIA EOOD, e-mail address:
2. The promotional information is available in the Vision Express optics referred to in point I.

V. Final decrees
1. In case of any ambiguities in connection with the Regulation, the Client has the right to contact the Organizer at any time for further clarification of the decrees.
2. The Organizer reserves the right to change the conditions of the promotional campaign and / or to suspend it by announcing the changes at least 3 calendar days before their entry into force.
3. All disputes related to the implementation of this action will be resolved by mutual agreement, and in the absence of such before the relevant competent authority.


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