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Karün, a different point of view

Recently awarded "Most Sustainable Eyewear Brand" by Global Brands Awards, Karün has built the last 10 years their company's value chain around a circular economy mainly based on working hand-in-hand with rural communities in Patagonia

Consciously developed in Patagonia

Their high quality eyewear is made with Econyl ® regenerated nylon from recycled fishing nets and other discarded nylon, together with other reused materials such as metals and polycarbonate.

It’s not just any product.

Karun is not trying to save the world with glasses, but is trying to develop changes that may allow us to see things differently. If they can make something beautiful out of something harmful and create opportunities out of waste, then perhaps they can also transform the way people think about other things: the economy, the environment, even ourselves.

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Every choice you make, makes you.

Every purchase at Karün is directly contributing to the protection of over 400.000 hectares of pristine nature and the empowerment of its local communities

Karün: a conscious company:

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