Don’t just wear it. Play it.

From high glam to low-key chic, we’ve been bringing diversity and radical self-expression to specs and shades since 2021.

The Perfect Squad

Time has come to Play the Frame.

We’ve teamed up with Fortnite to bring you our new collection, the first eyewear collaboration in Fortnite history!

Fashion frames at the top of their game

Featuring eight sunglasses and two blue light filter frames, our new collection is serving you fashion frames at their peak of playfulness, in a kaleidoscope of colours and a full spectrum of silhouettes. Each piece in the new collection features an iconic element from the Fortnite universe.

The perfect pair for every You


The Unofficial Metaverse

With Unofficial map, a new Creative map on Fortnite, developed by some of the top map creators, you can complete challenges while you express your truest self: by connecting your physical Unofficial self with your Fortnite character.

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