Prevention is always the best way to keep our health. The frequency of а full eye test depends on various factors. Everyone must have a full eye examination every year, regardless of the age. When you have a family history of diseases, it is essential that you have your eyes tested every six months.
First, according to scientific studies in the US and UK, the eyes of all newborns shouldbe tested prophylactically. In order to prevent or cure childhood eye diseases on time the eyes of the child must be tested in the third month after birth and during the first, third and fifth years of age.

People aged under 65 who do not have severe eye diseases can have their eyes tested every 2 years. 35-40 years of age are critical and it is necessarily to have your eyes tested on a regular basis, mainly in order to establish whether there is glaucoma. If glaucoma is found the tests must be carried out every year. In addition, people who have a family history of inherited eye diseases (mainly glaucoma), or diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or high myopia should be regularly tested

People over 65 should have their eyes at least every 2 years.
During pregnancy can occur eye disorders due to the hormonal changes, so it would be good to consult your ophthalmologist.

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These are lenses which have a single power over the whole lens. They would be used, for example, for someone who needs spectacles only for driving or for reading. In some cases, a person’s eyes may need lenses to focus at both far and near distances and their prescription (‘strength’ of the lens they need) is the same for both. In this case they can use the same single vision lens for all activities.

Lenses with anti-reflective coating are better because:

  • They eliminate unwanted glare
  • They provide greater transparency of the lenses
  • The hydrophobic coating, as part of the anti-reflective coating, reduces the misting of the glasses
  • All anti-reflective coatings of the glasses make them easy to keep clean.

These lenses are designed for people who need both short- and long-distance glasses..

Advantages of the progressive eyeglasses:

  • Smooth transition from distance vision to near vision and vice versa.
  • Perfect vision at any distance and not only near and distance vision, as with bifocals.
  • Wider area for near vision and many others.
  • They are suitable for young people suffering from presbyopia..
  • They are easier to adapt than bifocal lenses.
  • By wearing them your vision will be as it was in your youth.
  • Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses have no visible dividing line.

The products you see in our catalogue can currently only be purchased in store. However, we are working on an e-shop, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in a product, please call your closest store to find out if we currently have it in stock.

All of our products come with a manufacturing deffects warranty for up to one year. We also offer Warranty + which:

  • Offerers up to 80% discount for any kind of damage and injuries of the purchased eyeglasses
  • All necessary maintenance work and adjustments free of charge;
  • 20% discount for you and your family on your next purchase
  • Peace and mind while you wear the purchased eyeglasses for one year

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We have stores across Sofia and Bulgaria. To get in touch with your local branch, see all stores.

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