iWear Vivid (x30)

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iWear vivid is the only one-day silicone hydrogel lens that you can afford. They are designed to offer affordable hydrogel lenses in addition to the benefits of a healthier silicone hydrogel material. iWear vivid use AquaGen technology, which makes the lenses have a high water content, high oxygen permeability and amazing softness which ensures health and exceptional comfort during the day. A one-day replacement regimen will keep your lenses comfortable and adapt to your lifestyle. Whenever you need to, you have a fresh, sterile pair of lenses. The manufacturer of iWear vivid is CooperVision – a global manufacturer of contact lenses with over 128 million parameters on offer. iWear vivid are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. IWear vivid lenses are packed in 30 pcs.



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