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iWear Oxygen

Do you need correction of myopia or hyperopia?

Do you require your lenses to provide you with all-day comfort – starting with your morning coffee and ending with a meeting with friends until midnight?

iWear Oxygen has been created just for your needs – silicone-hydrogel contact lenses that do not slow down the pace of your busy day. IWear Oxygen lenses will provide you with the high level of comfort you are looking for. You can also wear them unlimitedly for 30 days in a row. iWear Oxygen are contact lenses that combine high oxygen permeability, high water content and very good wettability as well as high flexibility and softness of the lens. Additionally, they have a system that neutralizes aberration. Thanks to the unique Aquaform technology, iWear Oxygen lenses will provide a large supply of oxygen to your eyes. The molecular structure of the material used in the Aquaform technology means that the iWear Oxygen lens remains uniform and, at the same time, naturally wetted over the entire surface, which ensures its smoothness. Other lenses may be coated with artificial lubricants that degrade over time. Silicone macromers used in Aquaform technology retain water in the lens, keeping it moist even after a long period of wear. iWear Oxygen lenses made in Aquaform technology have an optimal shape with rounded edges, which limits the contact of the conjunctiva with the lens. In other words, it prevents excessive friction of the lens under the eyelid, providing you with greater comfort.

Thanks to Aquaform technology, iWear Oxygen lenses help keep eyes whiter and healthy-looking without symptoms of hypoxia. The breathable iWear Oxygen contact lenses can be the perfect solution for you, regardless of your daily routine:

– studies,

– frequent travels,

– many hours of work in front of the computer,

– staying in air-conditioned or dry rooms



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